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Armada Norwalk Skis


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Armada Norwalk Skis


Armada Norwalk Skis


Sure, that tree-pocked chute looks a little steep ... and tight, but the Norwalk Ski doesn't give two double-flips about all that. The Norwalk has tip rocker only, traditional camber underfoot, and a fat waist, all three of which make this ski stable at speeds that'll peel your eyelids back. This ski drives through the end of turns, skims over choppy chunder, and rails long radius turns through all sorts of terrain. It's a big-mountain destroyer and a member of Armada's LTD Series of skis.

  • EST All Mountain Rocker gives this ski a rockered tip to help it plane above deep snow and power through choppy conditions and traditional camber underfoot for precise control on the harder stuff
  • Hybrid Ultralight Core is a wood core with high-density wood stringers to stiffen longitudinal flex and lightweight wood that boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • AR50 Construction uses cap construction in the tip and tail and sidewall underfoot for the ultimate balance of reduced swing weight, increased durability, and powerful edging
  • Laminate Matrix layup increases torsional rigidity and provides further reinforcement above and below the core so you can ride the Norwalk hard
  • CK Stringers add to tail durability while giving this ski pop that's essential for ollieing over obstacles or powering through the end of your turns
  • 50/50 Base provides the most ideal balance of speed and durability
  • 1.7mm Impact Edges are thick enough for all-mountain riding and light enough to reduce swing weight noticeably
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