Spring Rain Gear for the Family

Monday, April 13, 2015 11:07:57 AM America/Chicago

With projected rainstorms looming over Texas the next few days, it is important to gear up with insulating and stylish pieces that will keep you dry even during April’s harshest showers. With high quality rain gear from brands such as Patagonia and Columbia, St. Bernard Sports has functional and fun rain gear options that will keep the whole family comfortable all month long.


For a classic rain jacket, Patagonia’s Torrentshell Jacket is a great combination of breathable and lightweight.  Made from Patagonia’s signature H2No technology, this jacket ensures that you will stay dry and cool during all of your rainy day adventures. Paired over your everyday clothing or your hiking gear, this jacket is universally appropriate with its streamlined design and wide range of available colors. We personally love the Mayan Yellow, Turkish Red, and Curacao White options for a bright pop of color even on the cloudiest of days. Pair this versatile piece with the ever-popular Hunter Original Gloss Tall boots for a look that is timeless, functional, and bright!

Women's Rain Look

Masculine and durable, the Simms Men’s Hyalite Rain Shell is ideal for helping you ignore the rain as you spend your day enjoying your favorite outdoor sports. This Nylon jacket will keep you dry all day long without being bulky or trapping in body heat, making it the perfect jacket for warm, humid April showers. Paired with casual shorts or khakis, this jacket will compliment every outfit while protecting your clothing from the rain. For days spent hiking, pair this jacket with Columbia’s Snowblade Waterproof Boot to keep you dry and comfortable from head to toe without sacrificing movement or vital grip in the rain.

Men's Rain Look


Available in playful patterns and vibrant hues, the K-Way Classic Jacket is insulating and incredibly light. This jacket is perfect for kids on the go as it has a detachable hood, and can be folded into itself to create a handy on-the-go packaged jacket. This jacket has a high quality zipper that prevents rain from getting in, with back panel vents to keep out trapped body heat. To create a cohesive kiddy look, mirror Mom’s classic Hunter boots with Hunter Kid’s Original Colorblock Rain Boots available in a playful two-toned purple and pink option.


Girl's Rain Look

When we think of classic rain gear, we instantly think of bright yellow rain boots. Hunter Kid’s Davidson Rain Boots are a modern version of the boots we dawned in our puddle jumping days. Just like the Hunter Colorblock boots and Women’s Classic boots, these boots are made from natural rubber and quick drying Nylon, so they will dry fast if the splashing gets a little out of control! Pair these bright boots with Patagonia’s cool toned Baby Baggies Jacket in Lime Green or Birch White for a look that brings a little sunshine to your rainy day.


Boys Rain Look


High quality, water repellant gear is vital for keeping your family active and exploring even on the rainiest days. With these picks, you and your family are sure to stay cool and dry while bringing a little bit of brightness regardless of April’s showers! Shop all of our rain gear in store or online at www.stbernardsports.com

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Local Spotlight: Four Questions with the Howler Brothers

Thursday, March 26, 2015 3:01:55 PM America/Chicago

Howler Brothers founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian know a thing or two about dressing the man of adventure. From their Central American travels and shared love for fishing and surfing to their musical roots, the duo behind this Austin based brand have transferred their lifestyle approach to a brand that's meant to be worn where life takes you. As one of our local brands, we're excited to spotlight the Howler Brothers guys in with a Q&A and get to know more about what makes the design process happen and their favorite picks for Spring/Summer 2015. 

You're the brothers not related by blood. What is it about your friendship that helped you know partnering together on a clothing brand was a good idea? 

A: No doubt it's been our years playing and traveling in a band that has given us confidence that we could work together on Howler.  Not only do we know we can handle the rigors of being around each other 24/7 while touring, but we also know that we're able to work well on a creative level.      
What aspect of Howler Brothers, from design to production, are each of you the most proud of?
A: I'd say that each of us are most proud of the design aspect of Howler.  The vast majority of our design work is done in-house by Chase, and from the beginning we've been able to maintain an aesthetic that each of us really enjoys. 
What's one Howler Brothers product that you think every guy needs in his closet?
A: Our Gaucho Snapshirt.  Some varieties of the shirt have Texas-influenced shoulder embroidery featuring all sorts of fun designs combined with little technical aspects that make it a great on the water and/or travel shirt.  The shirt is a pretty good summation of our design approach.   
Where is your favorite spot in Texas to wear your Howler Brothers?
A:  Everywhere!  We try to make clothing that is as well suited for coastal/outdoor pursuits as it is for a bar with the buddies.
Howler Brothers Men's Look


Howler Brothers Mens Look
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Making Every Layer Count with Helly Hansen

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 9:18:36 AM America/Chicago

Helly Hansen is a functional and streamlined brand that offers a wide variety of cold weather apparel for men, women, and children. Their aesthetic is fun and stylish, while remaining insulating and comfortable.

For women, Helly Hansen offers great outerwear and baselayer options, available in colorful hues or sophisticated black and grey. For a bright and cheerful ensemble, we love combining the Warm Flow High Neck ½ Zip and the Active Flow Pant for a warm baselayer. Over these two pieces, we recommend the Switch Cargo Pants and Stella Storm Jacket. These outwear pieces are great for the harsh weather as they utilize PrimaLoft fibers that insulate and keep you comfortable. For a more neutral look, pair the Eclipse Pant with the Floria Jacket. To add an eye-catching element to this look, the Norwegian culture inspired Iskora Boot is a great addition to the classic ski ensemble. 

Helly Hensen Women

Helly Hansen women's ski


Helly Hansen’s men's line offers sophisticated jackets, ski pants, and insulating baselayers.  For extra chilly days, Helly Hansen offers cool toned outerwear that is appropriate for any age or cold weather activity. Pair the plum toned Supreme Jacket with the Epic Ski Pant over the Warm Pant, which utilizes Lifa T3 technology, for a polished look that is warm and dry.  For a more colorful look, the luxurious Warm Freeze ½ zip paired with the Mission Stoke Shell Jacket and Legacy Pant make a bright and adventurous outfit that is sure to grab attention mountainside or fireside. Regardless of your preferred Helly Hansen jacket, you are sure to stay warm and dry thanks to the Helly Tech Performance technology that wicks away water and keeps wind out.

Helly Hansen Men
Helly Hansen men ski

For the younger audience, Helly Hansen has cold weather clothing for both boys and girls. For boys, Helly Hansen offers rad pieces that are polished and youthful. For a boy’s baselayer, Helly Hansen’s Kid’s Warm Set is a great start! Pair this combination with the Boy’s Stoneham Jacket and unisex K Rider Ins Bib. For the female mini-shredders, pair the Girl’s Synergy Jacket with the Dry Baselayer Set and unisex K Rider Ins Bib for a look that is serious with a pop of fun pink.


Helly Hansen boys ski
Helly Hansen girls ski

Utilizing innovative technology to keep you and your family warm, Helly Hansen’s baselayers and outerwear are perfect for your next ski or snowboard excursion! Plus, they’re currently on sale, if you needed another reason to love their pieces!

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Getting Your Family Ski Ready in Obermeyer

Thursday, January 22, 2015 11:14:36 AM America/Chicago

Based out of beautiful Aspen, Colorado, the Obermeyer family produces athletic wear combining teachnology, originality and style through their high quality snow garments. Focusing on sustainability, innovation, and community outreach, the Obermeyer brand is producing vibrant and functional gear, while decreasing their environmental impact and contributing to their community at the same time.

For women, Obermeyer offers flattering garments that are trendy and feminine. Layered under a down jacket or worn on it’s own, the Fiona Sweater is a chic and comfortable alternative to the typical, and often bulky, pullover. By combining natural wool and synthetic fibers, this piece is insulating without the use of cumbersome or itchy fabrics.  Pair this sweater with sleek and breathable Bond Pants and Alpine gloves for a monochromatic look that is chic, cozy, and environmentally conscious as Obermeyer product are made from sustainable fabrics and recycled textiles.  For colder days, we love pairing the Cruz jacket with the Turin pants and Snowmass mittens for a cohesive look that keeps us warm while adding a little color into our closets.

Women's Obermeyer Ski

Obermeyer’s Men’s garments are well-designed and environmentally friendly while keeping you cool and comfortable as you’re hitting the slopes. Pair the Kitimat Cocona pants with Marathon 150 Dri Core top, and Barley jacket for a polished and effortless slope-side look.  Alternatively, the Charger jacket paired with the Flex 75 Dri Core top and Keystone Shell pant is a masculine and refined look that successfully keeps you dry and warm through their insulating and sustainable fiber blends.

Men's Obermeyer Ski
Men's Obermeyer Ski

Obermeyer offers a wide range of brightly colored apparel for their younger audience, while maintaining an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. For boys, Obermeyer’s quilting lined Renegade jacket layered with the durable Prophet pant and Traverse knit hat is an insulating and rad look that young boys are sure to love.  For young girls, the Obermeyer Snoverall pant styled with the Prism jacket is a colorful and durable outfit that will keep young girls warm and on the go. Pair this outfit with Alpine gloves and a Sunday beanie for a little added warmth!

Boy's Obermeyer Ski
Girl's Obermeyer Ski

Focusing on sustainability and producing a minimal impact on our environment, Obermeyer creates high quality pieces in the USA that this fellow family owned business is proud to carry. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your spouse, or your child, Obermeyer offers a wide array of functional and chic garments that you won’t want to take off! 

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Flash Lens Sunglasses

Monday, April 21, 2014 3:37:27 PM America/Chicago

Trending: Flash Lens Sunglasses



Flash lens sunglasses are a huge trend this summer! Our top sellers are styles by Ray-Ban and Costa Del Mar. The blue ones seem to be the most popular, but how fun are the pink and orange ones too? You really can't go wrong with any of the styles or colors of these vibrant flash lens sunglasses this season.

Not only are they stylish, but they are also coated with superheated metal oxides to achieve a reflective mirror coating, which absorbs more light reducing glare! What is not to love?

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