Burton AK 15L Pack


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Burton AK 15L Pack


Burton AK 15L Pack

STYLE # 280798-13

Deep in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, between the Canadian border and Burton's Burlington headquarters there's a mountain with no name. Distinguishable only to the most skilled trackers, no roads lead there, and disputed land litigation keep prying satellites from zeroing in on its pristine slopes. While the pitch is steep and the snow is blower, only those with true vision will see passed the dense undergrowth to its true potential. Should you come across this fabled peak, at its base you will find a solitary van. How the weathered van got there, most will never know, but behind it's heavily tinted windows and wall-to-wall shag carpeting you will find the first ever Burton [ak] 15L Pack, or so the story goes. Tall tales aside, the 15L is our lowest-profile, lightest weight backcountry pack, built with a super slim, minimalist design that leaves plenty of room for all the out-of-bounds essentials.

  • EVA/TPU Back Panels are the strongest back panels in the biz cooked up by blending EVA with a super ballistic material called TPU so you can bash, slide, and toss your fully loaded bag into every bump and curb along the way while forgetting the repercussions at stake.
  • External Tool Attachments so you can transport your winter camping gear, hiking poles, split board, snowshoes, and any other backcountry weaponry with ease.
  • Hydration Compatible so it includes a secure spot for your hydration sleeve and routing for the tube.
  • Shovel Storage: We offer a full array of shovel carry options including external storage for instant access and internal storage for those building kickers.
  • Vertical Board Carry is designed for mobility and ease-of-use, this system prevents the tail of your board from banging against your legs for fatigue-free, balanced hiking.
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