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K2 Womens MissBehaved Skis


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K2 Womens MissBehaved Skis


K2 Womens MissBehaved Skis

STYLE # S120306601

You know you're in trouble when you opt for a stellar morning of skiing with the K2 Women's MissBehaved Skis rather than a morning of picking up your partner from the airport. This hard-charging twintip's all-terrain rockered profile and traditional camber underfoot mix it up both on and off the trail, and the combination of that and the more-than-stellar ski conditions are just ... unavoidable. Hopefully the love-of-your-life will understand.

  • Trixial braided bioflex 3 wood core (combination of aspen and paulownia wood and bamboo stringers) makes this ski solid, stable, lightweight, and agile, and it adds to this ski's low swing weight
  • TwinTech construction rolls the top material into the sidewall, which reduces the angle that's prone to abuse and increases the ski's overall durability and longevity
  • 102mm underfoot allows you to harvest spring sidecountry corn, master your tricks in the terrain park, and get first-chair freshies
  • Bi-Directional Taper (tip is wider, but closer in width to the tail) allows for more consistent switch riding on the mountain and in the terrain park
  • 3.5-Millimeter edges are more resistant to cracking for a more durable, longer-lasting ski
  • Profile: All-Terrain Rocker (30% tip rocker, 70% camber)
  • Contruction: Twintech sidewall
  • Core: BioFlex 3 (aspen, paulownia, bamboo)
  • Tail: twintip
  • Recommended use: all-mountain, park