Never Summer Raptor 13 Snowboard


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Never Summer Raptor 13 Snowboard


Never Summer Raptor 13 Snowboard


The Never Summer Raptor Snowboard takes its styling and performance cues from the American F-22 Raptor fighter jet. The graphics were inspired by the plane's stealth design and feature a brushed metal-look Never Summer logo on a black-gradient background. With Carbonium Laminate construction you're sure to get the maximum torsional strength and response from this board, while the Vario Power Grip will let you rock more G's than the actual F-22. Position yourself at the top of the food chain with the All-American Never Summer Raptor.

  • R.C. - The original Rocker & Camber construction blends a custom rocker profile with separate camber areas at each end of the board, providing unmatched power and snap out of turns. This also provides better board tracking for high speed stability and massive ollies.
  • Directional Rocker/Camber Profile - DRC is designed enhance edge hold and stability while maintaining powder flotation. This is accomplished by extending the camber to the end of the effective edge in the tip, increasing pressure over this area. To compensate for this additional pressure, the rocker has been shifted toward the tail making for unmatched carving at high speeds and a more forgiving ride.
  • Flex Rating (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) - 6.5, perfect for freeriding
  • Vario Power Grip - Multi-radius sidecut adds increased edgehold precisely where it's needed most, from 2 inches outside of each binding and inward toward the center of the board, providing added control and response in any conditions (Sidecut Radius numbers are an average).
  • NS Superlight Wood Core - A blend of extremely light wood with durable hardwood for unmatched strength to weight ratio
  • Carbonium Laminate Technology - More carbon equals more power and performance. Combining an advanced top and base carbon matrix to maximize torsional response and strength where it's needed most results in a lightweight yet powerful design.
  • Bi-Lite Fiberglass - Combining the strength characteristics of STS ADVANCED fiberglass with an ultra light glass fiber matrix, this delivers incredible freestyle and freeride performance without sacrificing durability.
  • CDS Damping System - The Carbonium Damping System (CDS) greatly reduces vibration and provides unmatched high speed stability and control. Thin elastomeric rubber stringers reduce vibration from the metal edge and surrounding laminates. Stringers below the inserts and under the carbon dampen and additional vibration near the binding, giving you a smooth ride underfoot without sacrificing snap and power throughout the board.
  • Sintered P-Tex Sidewall - Unlike conventional ABS sidewalls that have a tendency to crack in colder temperatures, the Sintered P-Tex Sidewall maintains it's integrity at any temperature.
  • Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base - Crown Plastics has developed an exclusive, super fast, durable sintered base with just the right amount of graphite to form the fastest base Never Summer has ever used.
  • Carbonium Topsheet - A very durable, scratch and chip resistant material with a high tech carbon fiber-like visual - this textured material also provides more grip than a gloss topsheet, working as a built-in stomp pad.
  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Rocker Type: Camber/Rocker/Camber
  • Flex Rating: Stiff
  • Core/Laminates: Wood
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