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Check out the North Face jacket sale at St. Bernard’s Sports to enjoy some great deals on this outstanding outdoor clothing brand. The North Face is a high-end brand that markets both outdoor apparel such as outerwear, footwear and fleece, as well as gear like backpacks and tents. The brand is also known for its many innovations, such as creating Gore-Tex, a synthetic fabric used in its outerwear that is breathable and windproof in addition to being waterproof. The company’s products have become popular, not only among the outdoor chic crowd, but also serious outdoorsmen and women who are looking for unparalleled performance in their attire and gear. And with the introduction of kids North Face jackets, a whole new generation is being introduced to the brand as well.

One of the company’s most popular product lines are North Face fleece jackets. Fleece is a popular material used in outerwear that needs to be particularly warm, and it was originally created for use in outdoor clothing worn in very harsh climates. However, fleece is not genuinely water-repellent and so has to be lined with a waterproof material. Combined with their cutting-edge outerwear technology, North Face has successfully produced some of the best fleece jackets on the market, combining warmth with durability. And since North Face’s outerwear fabrics successfully wick out moisture, they are extremely comfortable as well since sweat does not build up inside the garment.

The North Face line of fleece jackets ranges from full-zip hoodies that keep the heat from escaping through the head and quarter-zip pullovers for men to two-toned and hooded jackets for women. In addition, they have great features that significantly enhance their performance, such as zippered pockets that provide extra hand warmth, elastic cuffs that seal tightly around the wrists to provide extra insulation, full-zip fronts as well as extra-soft interior linings that not only provide more warmth but also enhance your comfort when you’re wearing the jacket.

St. Bernard’s Sports offers a full line of North Face products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing to kids North Face jackets. And free three-day shipping is provided for orders over $49.