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Clothing for the Cold Season

Do you need a jacket for the cold weather? If yes, Patagonia has all of the jackets you need. They got: different fleece jackets; jackets for you, your mother and your sister, better sweater jackets, and synchilla vests.

Patagonia has the best fleece jackets in the world. Their Patagonia fleece jacket is made of silky and well textured polyester fleece. Their two button snow jacket or fleece jacket has a shawl collar and a three-fourth length belled sleeves. The length of their fleece jacket is above the hips.

Patagonia does not only have the best fleece jackets, they also have different Patagonia jackets for women. They have the Torrentshell Jacket that is good for trekking and hiking in wet weather. The jacket is durable, lightweight and versatile. It is made of 2.5 layers of nylon. Also, the jacket has a waterproof/breathable barrier. The jacket has a hood that has a laminated visor that can protect your eyes from the sun, and two-zippered hand-warmers or pockets.

Patagonia has another jacket for women and that is the Felted Jacket. This jacket is made of recycled wool coat that is reversible. The jacket gives you two looks with only one jacket. The hood is made of fleece and there is thermogreen recycled polyester in the body and sleeves to keep you warm. The pocket is secured with a button and the body of the jacket uses a full-length zipper. This Patagonia felted jacket has a length that goes down to the hips.

Patagonia also has the sweater jacket for you. The Patagonia Better sweater jacket is lightweight and has a moisture wiking warmth that is the same with a high performance fleece jacket. The jacket is rich in texture, is made of cross-dyed fabric and has soft fleece interior. The jacket has a stand-up collar, zippered pockets or hand-warmers, interior pockets, and its left sleeve has a zippered pocket. This better sweater jacket has a weight of478 grams or1 pound and1.2 ounce. The jacket is made in Thailand.

Patagonia also has the synchilla vest that will catch your fancy. Patagonia Synchilla Vest is made of ultra soft, lightweight double-faced recycled polyester fleece – the fleece is 85% recycled. The synchilla vest for men is one of their bestselling vests for men. This vest is thick enough to make you feel warm. The vest has zippered hand-warmers or pockets and elasticized armholes. It has a length that goes down the hips and has a weight of295 grams or10.4 ounces. The vest is made in Nicaragua.

Patagonia has all the jackets for the cold season – available both for men and women. You have a wide variety of jackets to choose from.