Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror Sunglasses

RB3025 W3276 58-14

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placeholderRay-Ban Aviator Mirror Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror Sunglasses


Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror Sunglasses

STYLE # RB3025 W3276 58-14

Erika Mirror your style with Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror sunglasses. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses were designed in 1937 to protect US military fighters against the high altitude glare. Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror combines this iconic model with mirrored lenses, so you not only have extra protection from light transmission, but you'll also shine on stage.

  • Frame material: Metal
  • Frame color: Gold
  • Temple color: Gold
  • Lens treatment, color: Crystal Gold Mirror Solid Color - Mirror
  • Gold Mirror: Coated with superheated metal oxides to achieve a reflective mirror coating, which absorbs more light reducing glare. Metal oxides are fused to the lens creating an uniform shiny golden mirror effect.
  • Light conditions: Sunny, Partly Cloudy
  • 100% UV Protection
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