Seafolly Swimwear and Bikini

Find Seafolly Swimwear at St. Bernard Sports Check out Seafolly swimwear at St. Bernard Sports. Seafolly is the popular brand coming out of Australia that has taken the world by storm. Since it was established in 1975, Seafolly has become synonymous with the beach lifestyle as millions of women across the globe look forward to summer so they can try out their flattering Seafolly swimsuit.. At the heart of the brand is its inclusiveness; it makes its swimwear not just for those with beach-ready bodies but for all women, no matter their body type. This is the design philosophy that Seafolly designer Genelle Walcom has been using in her more than twenty years of designing for the brand. Genelle believes that every customer is unique and deserves to have swimwear that flatters her. In addition, she also tries to give as much importance to functionality as well as stylishness in her designs, resulting in swimwear that is uniquely practical in addition to being enjoyable to wear. The Seafolly swimwear line now extends past their coveted one and two piece bathing suits to include cover-ups, apparel and other sun accessories. The design aesthetic of Seafolly uses bold statement prints with contrasting textures and injections of eclectic color to create distinctive swimwear not only for women, but for girls and boys as well. Helping make Seafolly stand out is the sense of fun it brings to its products. Seafolly takes its cue from Australian beach culture, which does never takes itself too seriously. The fun loving spirit of the Seafolly girl is seen in its past brand ambassadors, which include Miranda Kerr, Jessica Hart, Samantha Harris and Catherine McNeill. If you are looking for a Seafolly bikini, St. Bernard Sports offers a wide range of the world-famed swimwear. Seafolly buyers can also enjoy free three day shipping.