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Sperry Top-Siders have become one of the most iconic American footwear brands in the years since the boating shoe was first introduced in 1935. First becoming popular as a nautical shoe, Top-Siders gained wider acceptance when they were adopted as part of the preppy lifestyle in the eighties. Top-Siders were once again successfully reinvented in the twenty-first century as a shoe for younger people.

Following a redesign in 2001, Top-Siders were transformed from what was perceived as a stodgy boat shoe good only for weekend getaways to a fashion statement that could be worn daily. When Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg started further experimenting with new fabrics and silhouettes for Top-Siders, the transformation of the shoe into a fashion accessory was complete. It didn’t hurt that the shoe started appearing in the pages of trend-setting magazines such as GQ. Top-Sider was even named Brand of the Year in 2009 by Footwear News.

What makes Top-Siders popular even among those who have never been to sea is the footwear’s practicality. While you may never need a shoe with a slip-proof sole, their flexible construction makes them a great shoe to jog to your office meeting in or throw in an overnight bag for a weekend getaway. In addition, the leather is resistant to stains as well as water, making the Top-Sider an easy shoe to keep clean.

Breaking with the traditional perception of Top-Siders as a men’s shoe, Sperry Topsiders women shoes have started outselling men’s shoes. Since the average age of the Sperry’s buyer has fallen twenty years, the shoes have become a popular fashion accessory among the young. Celebrities spotted wearing Top-Siders include Blake Lively, Ellen DeGeneres, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. But some things have to remain constant and one of them is the brand’s association with its nautical origins. Sperry is the official footwear sponsor for the US Sailing Team and the US Junior Olympic Sailing Team. You can shop for Sperry’s footwear at St. Bernard’s Sports.

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